Monday, April 10, 2017

The Amazing Tree

Did you know that trees do amazing things? Like...........

  • They absorb carbon dioxide, helping keep our air clean to breathe
  • One tree releases 260 pounds of oxygen in a year, enough to sustain 2 people
  • They help retain our soil
  • They provide a barrier to glare from cars on our streets
  • In its lifetime, one tree can absorb a ton of carbon dioxide

  • A mature tree removes 70x more pollution than a newly-planted tree
  • A tree in an urban (city) area may have a lifespan of only 8 years
  • White and Red Pines can live for 100-150 years
  • Maple Trees can live 150 years or more
  • Birch trees live from 50 to 70 years
  • In one day, a large tree can lift 100 gallons of water out of the ground and discharge it into the air
  • Communities with more trees tend to have a lower crime rate
---from Discover magazine:
One, green spaces encourage people to spend more time socially outdoors, which discourages crime. It’s especially helpful for crime control when young and old people mix together in public places. And two, the presence of plants has a therapeutic effect. Vegetation decreases mental fatigue and its associated symptoms, such as irritability and decreased impulse control, both considered to be precursors to violence.

  • A tree provides homes for birds, squirrels, and insects; in the rain forests, they house many frog species

  • Trees give us shade, which can keep a home's cooling costs down by as much as 30%

  • Trees provide building materials
  • How would we get by without apples??

  • Oak trees must live about 20 years before they will produce acorns.

  • An average American uses about 750 pounds of paper every year, and 95% of homes are built using wood. That means each person uses the equivalent of one 100 foot tall, 16 inch diameter, tree every year for their paper and wood product needs.

  • India has the most different kinds of trees, followed by the United States.

  • In observing willows and poplars, scientists found that these trees 'talk' to one another, in a sense: if there are several living close to one another and one is stressed due to an insect infestation, it will somehow alert the tree next to it, and both will produce chemicals to fight the infestation.

How can we save trees?

  • Get an e-reader such as a Kindle or Nook, or a reading app for your phone, computer, or Ipad.
  • An e-reader can store up to 3500 books, newspapers, magazines, or blogs. Using your public library to borrow e-books will also save on the need for paper and save you money. Interestingly, if you download a book to your computer, it will take up very minimal space.

  • Use every bit of every piece of paper.

                         This isn't exactly what we meant....but still...

  • Set margins wider to avoid a 2-page letter.
  • Share magazines with friends or donate them, rather than having multiple subscriptions.
  • Route one copy to several people instead of giving everyone a copy, or email instead..
  • Print double-sided whenever possible from your computer printer.
  • Wrap gifts in newspaper or something other than paper, like leftover fabric.
  • Use shredded paper in your compost pile.
  • Use fabric diapers at least part of the time.

If every American family planted just one tree, the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere would be reduced by one billion pounds annually. This is almost 5% of the amount that human activity pumps into the atmosphere each year.

American Forestry Association Tree Facts: Growing Greener Cities, 1992.

Give a shout-out to trees...and a hug wouldn't hurt!

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