Monday, April 24, 2017

That's Rotten!

Did you ever wonder why it's such a big deal to let garbage pile up in landfills? Mostly, it's because it takes a very long time for materials to disintegrate or decompose.

Here are some examples of the length of time some material takes to decompose:

Newspaper                                 6 weeks                         
Leather shoes                            25 years or more

Banana peel                               2 to 5 days
Thread                                       3-4 months
Cotton fabric                            1-5 months
Apple Core                              2 months

Glass Bottle                            1000 years or more estimated
Orange peel                               6 months
Cigarette                                   1-12 years

This article talks about how long it takes a body to decompose:

Leaves                                   1-3 months

Milk Carton (paper type)      5 years
Disposable Diaper              75 years  estimated
Beer Can (aluminum)         200-500 years  estimated

Tin can (fruit or vegetables)  50 years
Nylon fabric                       30-40 years
Cardboard                           2 months

Styrofoam                              Never

Plastic Beverage Bottle         450 years estimated

Paper towel                            2-4 weeks

*items in landfills. Some materials that are placed in water will decompose faster.

So........please think carefully about what you are throwing into the garbage!

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