Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Microblog: Minnesota Companies-Polaris Industries

Another large and successful business based in Minnesota is Polaris Industries:: The symbol of the North Star is their logo:
In 1945, a man and his friends living in Roseau, Minnesota, began a business fixing farm machinery, but they also came up with a vehicle that could get people out to their hunting shacks in the fierce winters of Northern Minnesota when their cars could not, hence the birth of the snowmobile. Here's a synopsis of their history, from their website:

The Polaris spirit can be traced back to co-founders Edgar Hetteen, his younger brother Allan and his close friend David Johnson. The hard-working trio started the forerunner of Polaris—Hetteen Hoist & Derrick—in 1945 in tiny Roseau, Minnesota. With World War II raging and metal scarce, their skill at repairing farm machinery quickly earned them loyal customers.But it was their tinkering with a better way to get to remote hunting shacks in deep snow that earned them a place in history: Our co-founders developed an early snowmobile in 1955. To prove the new vehicles weren’t just frivolous toys, Edgar and three friends embarked on a 1,200-mile journey across the Alaskan wilderness to demonstrate the vehicle’s durability. They lugged 900 pounds of provisions on toboggans and endured minus-40 degree temperatures to complete the journey in 12 days.

And now, Polaris Industries are a leading designer and manufacturer of snowmobiles, but also the Indian and Victory motorycles and ATVs as well. Their sales in 2015 were about $4.7 Billion, and Polaris employs about 8,000 people. Currently, their headquarters are in Medina, Minnesota, with manufacturing still in the Roseau location. It has manufacturing and distribution centers in 9 cities, in the U.S., one of which is in Alabama-not a lot of snow there!

As to careers with this company, Polaris needs people in these areas:
Robot Programming
Data Analyst
Human Resources
Web Design

For current employment opportunities, click on this link:  https://polaris.gr8people.com/index.gp?method=cappportal.showAuthPortalLandingPage