Monday, June 17, 2013

Fun Summer Activities 1.0

Here are some activity ideas that cost nothing or next-to-nothing:
Younger kids: Whether you have younger ones or are doing child care this summer, why not.....
  • Take them to the local library for Storybook Hour: A librarian will read aloud to your kids in a group of others. You can find books while they are entertained.   Hennepin County Library
  • Make a fishing pole, or borrow one, and go somewhere to catch fish. You can dig up worms for bait, and use an ice cream bucket or something similar to put your supplies and/or fish in.
A seat belt???
  • Take a walk, in your own neighborhood or somewhere new. You could make a scavenger hunt out of it: can you spot a robin, a penny, a nest, a certain kind of tree? Bring a bag along to collect garbage as you walk, too. Gauge how many miles you walk. How many calories will it burn?
  • Lowes and Home Depot stores offer free workshops for kids to build simple things like birdhouses. Check with your local stores for their schedules-Home Depot does them the first Saturday of every month at 9:00 a.m.
  • If you have a lot of broken crayons, melt them down and mix them up to make unique new ones: remove the paper wrappers, put them in a clean can, and put the can in a pan with water. Heat up the water and keep an eye on it. The crayons will melt and meld. Once they're melted, take the can out of the water and let it cool. Pop out the new round crayon.

  • Camp inside: make a tent using a blanket or sheet and pretend you are outside. Have a picnic on the floor. Sing songs, and read using a flashlight.
  • Camp in your back yard.

  • Let them wash the car or the dog outside and get completely soaked.
  • What summer is complete without a few runs through the sprinkler?

  • Never underestimate the entertainment value of bubbles!
Regular ones are fine....but..........

How to make giant bubbles:
This one is more 'advanced'........

For older kids, try....
  • Brunswick Bowling offers passes for those 18 years old and younger to play 1 free game per day all summer (June, July, and August). Get some friends together and bowl for free! Sign up online to receive coupons.

  • Canoe trips for teenagers. It’s free! June 22nd on Lake Harriet, and July 16th on Powderhorn Lake.  

  • Did you know the Hennepin County Library-Champlin location has an anime club for teens? Check it out:
  • Everybody has a lot of stuff. Why not organize some of your stuff? You might find enough stuff to have a garage sale and earn some cash... So you can buy more stuff.
  • You could even plant some vegetables at home and watch them grow; then eat them!
  • ...and then try your hands at cooking something. You can make a kebob of just about anything:
  • cupcakes, wafer cookies, marshmallows, frosting

  • meat and vegetables and pineapple
  • Or make it a goal to learn how to make one complete meal, from appetizer to dessert. Yum!!
  • Can one of your friends teach you to dance, or can you teach someone? Try something different, whether it's hip-hop or the waltz.

  • And speaking of food on a stick: as summer winds down, it will be time for the State Fair...
  • Go to the State Fair for Free. Get Free State Fair admission if you volunteer for the DNR for just 3-5 hours for one of the following: Camper Cabin Host, Lake Data Assistant, Smokey Bear and his voice, or Adopt-a-River Exhibit.
There's no reason to be bored....have some fun this summer.