Monday, April 3, 2017

How Not To Write An Essay

You're going to be required to write an essay for school, for scholarship applications, possibly a short essay in a job application. Here are some things you really don't want to do when you write that essay:
  • Repeat a thought.
  • Ramble
  • Mention something off-topic.
  • Get too personal.
  • Turn it in late.

  • Turn it in with stains or damage to the paper.
  • Write it in any color but black.
  • Type it using a fancy font that's pretty but really hard to read.

  • Leave too many spaces between lines
  • Don't leave any spaces between lines, ever.

  • Lose the essay.
  • Copy anyone else's essay.
  • Run over it with your car.
  • Run over it with your bike.
  • Trust your friend to turn it in.
  • Write it up quickly and send it in without checking it over first

  • Don't follow the instructions: Was it supposed to be double-spaced? How many words was it supposed to be? What were you supposed to talk about?
  • Doodle in the margins because it was boring and you were bored.
  • Let the cat or dog walk over it and get holes in it. Why are you laying on the floor to write?

  • Don't use spell check.
  • Don't use commas.
  • Since you don't know how to use quotes, never use them at all.
  • Put inappropriate pictures or words in it.

Now you know what not to do. And, if in doubt, ask an advisor or a tutor for help!

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