Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A List of Firsts for the First

It's the first week of 2017!!Hope you are well and warm.

Have you ever thought about other firsts? Check these out:

Aerosol can              1926, Norway
*Where would we be without spray everything, and especially cheese in a can??

Air Conditioning               1911, USA
*Thank you, Mr. Carrier, for not making us suffer through 100-degree, 110% humidity.

Aluminum                  1866, USA
*Without aluminum, we'd be drinking pop out of ... sippy cups??
Coca-Cola                1886, USA.
*Did you know that, originally, it actually had cocaine in it? Yikes.

Plastic                         1855, England
Antibiotics                     1887, France
*Without them, we'd die of paper cuts and skinned knees.
Electric washing machine   1906, USA
*And that put an end to raw skin from scrubbing clothes on a washboard.
Radio     1873, England

Movies with sound         1926, USA

Refrigerator            1850
*Where we keep the snacks for watching TV.

Television                  1923, USA
Telephone               1876, USA
*And they had no idea the phone would morph into a little computer with some kind of magnet that makes it impossible for people to put it down.

Typewriter            1867, USA
*People used to have to learn on this: Because it was all there was. And it was called typing, not keyboarding.

Bicycles        1816, Germany
Motorcycles           1884, England
Assembly line for manufacturing   1913,  USA

Ballpoint pen              1944, Argentina
Rocketship             1926, USA
Aluminum  1866, USA
Scotch tape        1929, USA
Defibrillator       1932, USA
Bar Codes            1970, USA
Calculator (Slide rule)  1614, Scotland
Camera               1888, USA
Makeup       app 4000 BC, Egypt

The Pill (Oral contraceptive) 1951, USA
Frozen food             1924, USA
Train           1804, England
Microwave oven       1947, USA

Zippers              1891, USA
Internet         1989, England

It's only Day 3 of 2017... Let's make it great!!

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