Monday, September 12, 2016

Little Free Libraries

Have you seen Little Free Libraries springing up around your neighborhood?

Here's their story....

Todd Bol, whose mother was a teacher, built a model of a one-room schoolhouse, put it on a post in his yard, and filled it with books to be borrowed. He built a few more and gave them away. A friend joined his effort and eventually, with organization, it became Little Free Libraries. Read more:

You can make a Little Free Library, just look on their website for how to do it.

The idea was to make a few books available for whoever would like to read them....

Childrens' books or adult books....

Any container can be a LFL....

Take a book, give a book.........

Let someone else enjoy a book you did.

Find something interesting..

And when you're done, return it and try a different one.
Check out a Little Free Library today!!

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