Monday, September 19, 2016

Goodwill: Not Just a Thrift Shop

Have you ever shopped at a Goodwill store? Donated to them? Wondered how it works? Did you think their only 'mission' was to hire people to work in their retail stores? That's not the case-you may be surprised to see all the services they offer.
Goodwill was founded in 1902 by a minister, Reverend Edgar Helms. He collected items discarded by wealthy people, and had poor people repair or mend them. The items were then sold and money given to the people who had fixed them, or the items were given to people in need.

However, Goodwill Stores do not have any religious affiliation. They are a nonprofit organization.

Today, Goodwill has 164 stores in the U.S. and Canada. Their headquarters are in Rockville, Maryland. They receive grants, donations of money, and some government funding in addition to donations of clothes and household items from ordinary people like us. A major 'facelift' to stores several years ago makes them more appealing and easier to use than ever.
 In 2014, they had sales of $3.94 billion. They served 26.4 million people by providing them with these services:
  • Education, including English as a Second Language, math, and computer skills-2 million people received some form of training through Goodwill in 2014. Here is a link to courses offered:
  • Transportation
    • Child care, so parents can pursue education and training
    • The philosophy is, "A hand up, not a hand out."
  • Training people for work including careers in..

Online services include

Goodwill's website suggests these apps to help you in job search:

To donate, simply bag or box up your items and take them to the nearest Goodwill store. Most of them have drive-ups with assistants to unload your items, and you get a coupon to use when shopping there the next time. If in doubt about what they'll accept, call or check online for a list. Here is info about donating:

Shopping at Goodwill can unearth lots of treasures-don't forget to look over the shoes and clothing; some retail stores donate items that didn't sell, including clothing and furniture used to stage houses for sale; also, people buy things they never wear and then donate them, so you can purchase things new with tags at a great reduction in price in addition to items that are 'like new.'
*Interesting: Employees are not allowed to purchase items sold in their own stores. This makes it fair for anyone to find treasures.

Did you know Goodwill has an online auction site similar to Ebay? You can find rare, vintage, collectible items there as well as ordinary things you won't see at a walk-in store.

Need a suit or suit coat for a job interview? You can probably find one at Goodwill. What about a good winter coat? A belt that doesn't cost $20? Sports equipment? Picture frames? Books? Dishes? Toys? Many items were barely used and then discarded, and you can benefit from that.

Can you help Goodwill continue to offer all of these services by donating or shopping at a Goodwill store? Can you use some of their services? Check it out!


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