Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Thank You!! Now Hire Me.

It's common practice to send a thank-you note to someone after a job interview. Who to send the note to?  Try to remember the name of at least one person from the company with whom you made contact. Ask for a business card. Be sure you spell the person's name correctly!

Send your thank-you the same day as your interview, preferably, or the next day at the latest.

The note should be an actual note card. You can purchase a package of several. You will want some that are fairly conservative. This:

Probably not this:

The 'Thank You' for a job interview should be very brief and to the point, and handwritten. It isn't meant to recap your interview, just to keep your name on the minds of those who interviewed you and to show courtesy and respect. To show your interest in the specific position and company, be sure you make each thank you 'personal.' For example:

Dear Ms. Lane,

Thank you for interviewing me on January 24 for the programming position. I enjoyed meeting you and learning more about JPM.

If you should have any further questions of me, I'd be happy to answer them. Just give me a call at 565-655-5666.

I am hoping to hear that you have selected me for this position, and look forward to working with you at Jukebox Programming Masters.


Then sign the card (legibly).  Slide it into the envelope and write the address neatly. Attach a return address label or write your return address in the upper lefthand corner. Put a stamp on it, seal it, and mail it. *Make sure you are actually available if they should call you with further questions, or hopefully with an offer.

Then, keep your fingers crossed, do some more interviews, write some more thank you notes, and eventually, you will be the new hire!

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