Monday, January 25, 2016

Going Places: Careers That Involve Travel

There are plenty of ways to have a career in another country. Be aware, though, that simply wanting to do it needs to be coupled with a number of factors...
  • Adaptability
  • Ability to earn enough money
  • Self-confidence
  • Openness to other cultures
Obviously, being able to converse in another language will be key. It will always be helpful to include any studies about world economics, world culture, geography, and political science.

A great piece that explores things to think about:

Retail buyers buy merchandise to be sold for their companies. In other words, the company sends them to find things that will sell in their stores, the buyer figures out how many of each item they'll need in a store, and it's then purchased and shipped to the stores. Often, buyers are sent to countries where the products are made (they may be made in another country for less money) to choose what to offer their customers.
  • Majors: Marketing, Business Admin, Business, Finance, Economics, Statistics, Merchandising.

An Au Pair cares for children in their home and usually also lives in the home with them. Typically, an au pair has her own room and possibly a small 'apartment' within the childrens' home.The Au Pair may travel with the family. 
  • Majors: Elementary Education, Child Psychology, Nursing.

A Language Translator will always be in demand. The more languages you master, the more in-demand you will be. In some areas, there are widely different dialects, or versions, of the same language. See Triogenius, March 10, 2014, about work as a translator.
  • Major: One or more languages, as well as Sociology, Linquistics, and Political Science. Study areas: foreign relations, social studies, economics
  • You can also work as an English teacher in another country.

Geologists There is a constant need for fuel, and so geologists study resources worldwide. Geologists also work to improve roads, dams, and bridges, as well as cleanup of pollution of the earth. *look for a future blog at Triogenius about Geology as a career.
  • Major: Geology, obviously, but if you plan to travel, include social studies and other world languages.
Here's one source that talks about different kinds of geologists:

You could work for the State Department at one of our U.S. Embassies in another country. Jobs include Accounting, Visa/Passport Services, Legal, and Technology.
  • Major in: Social Studies, Communications, Geography, International studies, World History; Law, International Law, Accounting
                                    U.S. Embassy, Rome, Italy
**WOW for 1-25-2016: Embassy: ***

Doctors and nurses are always in need, here and in other countries. Organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, UNICEF, and World Relief, will be happy to have you working with them.

International Aid Workers are always in demand, whether you have a medical background or not. There is also a need for pharmacists and lab techs.
  • Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Social Work with an emphasis on Third World Economics

Archaeologists study past civilizations in other countries. If you're into relics, fossils, and generally uncovering the mysteries of centuries ago, consider this as a career (See Triogenius November 4, 2013)

Tech wizards can always find work in any country: Again, studying a foreign language will be helpful as well. Tech Security will be an ongoing concern worldwide.
Majors: Technology, Criminology, Sociology; coursework in International Studies.

If you love travel, Africa, and photography, consider leading Photography Safaris: Tourists take only pictures of the amazing animals they see. You help them get their best pictures, so knowledge of cameras and the art of photographing wildlife is essential. Other uses for photographers include map-drawing, and news photography.

  • Areas of study: Photography, language, Political Science, Geography, International Relations, World History

You can travel for years or only for a while, or sporadically throughout your career. If you have a desire to see the world and meet lots of different people, consider a career involving travel.

For a post about studying abroad, see Triogenius May 5, 2014.

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