Monday, October 5, 2015

Music: More Than Just a Playlist

You're sure to have some songs or artists that always get your attention; maybe you have a song you play over and over in your playlist, or songs that make you think of something that happened in your life. But did you know that music has far-ranging power?? Check this out:
Music, and learning music....
  • Fights depression and reduces stress
  • Raises the level of Serotonin in your brain (lowering the level leads to depression)
  • Keeps you alert
  • Improves your ability to learn
  • Increases your level of concentration
  • Increases your memory
  • Learning to read music is very similar to learning a new language
  • Helps you be more creative
  • Helps you to learn anything faster
  • Gives you increased problem-solving skills
  • Helps you sleep better
  • Increases endorphins (the 'feel good' hormone, see it explained here: ). Endorphins are also secreted when you exercise.
  • You may eat less when listening to music
  • Increases your endurance
  • Helps you heal faster
  • When shopping, stores have music playing to get the shoppers to relax and stay longer
  • The music is too loud (see Triogenius 4-6-15 about noise pollution and how too-loud music damages your hearing)
  • The music is too harsh
  • It may bother you if it is too high-pitched
  • It has a dissonant (clashing) sound rather than harmony
  • There is too much music coming at you at once
Someone who reads music can translate this for you......
You might also consider a career in Music Therapy:
(Interview with a Music Therapist, Triogenius May 7, 2012)

New feature: Word of the Week. Every week we'll learn a word that has to do with the blog.....
WOW for 10-5-2015: Libretto

Worth a try:
  • Ask your parents or even your grandparents what their favorite singers/groups were, when they were your age.
  • Listen to a type of music you never had listened to before. Try New Age, Jazz, Big Band, Opera, or music from another country such as Ireland, India, or South America. Check out a violinist or a trumpet player. You don't have to love it....just give it a listen. Go to Youtube and see what you can find that's not familiar....and remember, there's a huge variety of CDs you can borrow for free at your local library.
  • Try singing in a group, maybe with your friends, if you never have.
  • Really listen to lyrics: Are they saying something you agree with? Are they unimaginative or do they say exactly how you feel? Are they insensitive or mean-spirited or even violent? Do they portray women with disrespect? Is that OK with you...or not?
  • Try playing an instrument. Can a friend or family member teach you?
  • Write a song--words and/or music. Or, dance...maybe dance to something new?
  • Watch a musical. If you haven't seen Les Mis, The Sound of Music, Phantom of the Opera,'ve missed a lot! Again, many of these (videos or soundtracks) are available to borrow at the library for free.
  • Pay attention to what sort of music you hear at the mall, the doctor's office, maybe in a lab at school. Does it soothe you? Would you rather have silence?
  • Imagine life without music. Wouldn't that be sad??


A cellist and a street dancer?? Fascinating. Yo-Yo Ma and Li'l Buck: The song is "The Swan," by Saint-Saens. Li'l Buck's style is called 'Jookin.'

Random Act of Culture: "West Side Story" at the Miami Airport.

Jethro Tull's "Kashmir"...on violin??? Yep, and this violinist is excellent: Lucia Micarelli

Maybe some blues: Kenny Wayne Shepherd.

*Also worth discussing: Do you think music should be censored, or should there be a 'parental advisory' on music? Why or why not?

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