Monday, October 12, 2015

25 College Hacks: What if I Need.......


 Free graphing calculator

 Playlists for studying:

 Ambient noise such as surf, night, nature

Timer for study breaks:

 Cite your sources-when you write a paper, you have to give credit to your sources:

**WOW 10-5-2015: : Ambient: **

Dictionary, Thesaurus, What's the Plural of, and word games:


Make your own flash cards for lots of subjects
Internet Public Library-if you can't go there in person
 Getting and saving ideas to write about stuff
 Medical research that could be useful for a report
 Math and science homework help from teachers:
Academic planner:
Another planner:
Virtual visits to colleges, and college life articles:
Money management
Alarm clock: “Alarmy”: It won’t turn off until you get out of bed and take a picture that matches the alarm clock’s picture: Apple or IOS:   Android:
Study help, reminders, and links to other similar stuff:
Math, social science, humanities:
 A plethora of stuff at
Free courses, interviews, all kinds of stuff
Advice on finances
Financial calculators-how long will it take to pay off that amount??
 Easy cooking in your dorm
20 ways to memorize stuff:

Do you know of a site that's helped you? Leave it in the comments so others can benefit!

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