Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Life Lessons from Rain Man

1. Just because you don't understand a person's behavior doesn't mean he's not "in there."

Raymond ("Rain Man") had problems with emotions and with having a typical relationship. But, he also showed great concern about his brother Charlie almost drowning as a child.

Raymond uses familiar habits to make himself comfortable. He writes things in his notebook. He's upset when he can't watch his TV shows. Raymond has a very hard time being touched. Do these things make him out of touch? We don't think so.

2. You can only be self-centered for so long before someone gets your attention.


Charlie, the younger brother, begins the film as a self-important, arrogant, money-hungry car dealer. When he realizes he has an older brother, even though they can't have a traditional relationship, Charlie allows Raymond into his heart and finds that he genuinely cares for him.

3. Do the right thing.

Charlie begins by bitterly insisting he ought to have half their father's estate. As he realizes that Raymond cannot possibly provide for himself, Charlie becomes protective and concerned, and realizes it's not as much about the money but about his brother's welfare.

4. Qantas is the world's safest airline.

5. K-mart sucks.

6. You should tell your father you don't like rose bushes if you don't want to inherit them.

Who knows why their father left only rose bushes to the younger son? Was it symbolic-roses and thorns? It seemed like a deliberate slight because Charlie had cut off a relationship with his father--or vice versa? Clearly this was much deeper than rose bushes, but because they did not have a relationship, there was no way Charlie was going to inherit much from his father.

7. Choose Your Battles.

...According to Raymond, the syrup should definitely be on the table first. And so...just put the syrup on the table first. Serve the cheese puffs with toothpicks. Have pizza on Mondays. What's the difference, in the grand scheme of life?

8. Even someone who seems like he barely functions 'normally'  has a heart. And feelings. And compassion.

This applies to both Raymond and Charlie. Charlie is so self-absorbed that he is almost not 'normal.'

9.  Taking a road trip can cause bonding you never really planned on.

Charlie more or less 'kidnaps' his brother to demand his share of the money. As they travel, though, Charlie decides he feels compassion for his brother and wants him to be cared for. His role becomes as a parent to Raymond.

10. There are different ways that people can touch your heart.

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