Thursday, April 26, 2012

Top Ten Ways to Fail A Test

10. Lose the book you were supposed to study (it’s not actually lost, it’s in your locker or the trunk of your car, under the spare shoes, half empty box of gummy bear snacks, stale box of Wheat Thins, the sweatshirt you never wear, and the math book you also can’t find).
9.  Find the book, but envision the test date as ‘wayyy far away’ when in fact it is tomorrow.
8. Try to study with the TV blaring, or the Itunes throbbing, or the household in complete chaos. Or all of those at once.
7. Try to concentrate on your subject while you text four people at one time.
6. Don't make a habit of study time.
5. Keep checking your Facebook status every 12 seconds. Send funny pictures to all your friends.
4. Play just one more game of Farmville. 
3. Don’t give yourself more than 3 square inches of uncovered surface to work on.
2. Don’t feel the need to make any notes, memorize anything, or ask for help when you need it.

And the #1 way to fail a test:

Keep telling yourself “I can’t do it.”

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