Monday, April 9, 2012

It's HOW MUCH A Gallon???

Answer: Apparently, at least $4.00 by this summer.

Triogenius is unhappy with that.

How can we get better mileage besides walking, riding a bike, or cartwheeling everywhere we have to go?

  • Drive more slowly. This does not mean you ought to drive 25 miles an hour on the shoulder like some "age challenged" folks (who BTW shouldn't even be driving anymore. We've all seen them, right?) No, we just mean: Keep it under 60; most cars run most efficiently between 45 and 55 mph. Not to mention you may be avoiding a speeding ticket.

  • Get your car tuned up and potentially add 4% more miles to the gallon.

  • Be sure your tires are properly inflated. When's the last time you checked? Tires with the right amount of air in them can help add 3% to your mileage.

  • Keep up with oil changes. It will make your car run better and can add 2% to your gas mileage.

  • Check how much stuff you have in your car. We all have stuff, and some of our stuff goes with us in the car...everywhere we go. Try taking it all out and weighing it, just for laughs. You might be surprised how much it all weighs. If you have 100 pounds of extra 'cargo' in the car, it's taking about 2% off your mileage.

  • Use cruise control for long trips. If you drive 10,000 miles a year on long trips an use cruise control, you can save an estimated 60 gallons of gas, which would add up to $240 @$4.00 a gallon.

  • It's actually more efficient to use the air conditioning rather than drive with your windows down; open windows add 'drag' and the car will use more fuel. So be cool!

  • Last but maybe most important: group your errands---visit your usual haunts in a more logical order, instead of going back and forth over the same areas.

Better still, leave the car at home and start brushing up on those cartwheels!!

Thanks to AAA for the info!

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