Monday, March 6, 2017

It's Not the Destination, It's The Journey

It's Spring Break for ARCC students. We thought about how many ways there are to travel, and this is what we found:

Technically, the shortest flight in a commercial airplane takes 47 seconds. This is a small 'private' plane, and travels between two islands in Scotland:

In our area, a flight from Minneapolis to Milwaukee takes 53 minutes.On the other end of the spectrum, flying nonstop from Chicago to Hong Kong takes 15.5 hours.

Train: Here are some epic trips you can take in exotic countries; you'll have to take a plane to get there, however:
And a list of interesting train journeys in the U.S.:

Automobiles: It would cost you about $604.00 to drive your car from New York to Los Angeles based on 2774 miles, 25 miles per gallon, and gas costing $2.70 a gallon. This is just driving, not stopping to spend a night in a motel/hotel, and not for meals. It also doesn't factor in the chance you could have car trouble or a flat tire along the way. It would take roughly 42 hours to drive this trip.

Hot Air Balloon: The pictures alone are breathtaking....

Bus: Maybe you'd rather keep your feet on the ground. Check to see where you can go by bus:

Taxi: Want to go to the airport or get home from the airport? You can hire a taxi:

Limo: Feeling luxe? Hire a limo to take you there in style.

You can hire a Pedicab in New York City for $3-7 per minute...

Rickshaw: Read a blog about someone who 'hired' a rickshaw that took him a long way in insufferable heat and was paid $1.60 for that work.

Ship: The cost of a 'luxury' cruise might be $500-$1,000, per person, but there's more expense than that.

Spaceship: $500 Million, but that probably includes freeze-dried stew and untethered drinks galore. Why so much? Because: It is rocket science.

This one costs $0, and depends solely (see what I did there) on your choice of footwear and how often you feel the need to replace it.

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