Monday, November 28, 2016

Air Force One

When you see the President of the United States in an airplane, it's Air Force One.  This name was first coined by Dwight Eisenhower, but the planes presidents have flown in have gotten much more sophisticated as air travel has advanced.
The aircraft is actually two Boeing 747-200B models, each equipped similarly. One's tail number is 28000 and one is 29000.
Did you know these things about Air Force One?
  • It has 4000 square feet of space
  • There are three levels to the aircraft, as there are in any Boeing 747. Passengers, including members of the press, generally travel in the middle section, which looks like a typical airplane seating section.
  • The President has his own room, bathroom, and workout room
  • There is a large conference room that also serves as the dining room
  • It holds 70 passengers and 26 crew
                                 An early Air Force 1 not in use any longer
  • The President always has a doctor that travels with him. The plane has a medical office ready for almost any medical crisis, including the ability to convert to a surgery suite if necessary
  • Air Force One has its own exclusive baggage handlers
  • Food purchased for Air Force one is purchased at out of the way grocers and different places every time, by Secret Service agents; this avoids tampering with the President's food
  • The plane is clad in heavy shielding that preserves it from a nuclear blast

  • This plane can be re-fueled in mid-air, and so can stay airborne for an indefinite time.
  • Before Air Force One travels anywhere, the Air Force sends one or more C141 Starlifter cargo planes ahead which carry the motorcade: cars, limos, vans, that will be used in the President's trip.
  • The President's helicopter is named Marine One. It is usually used to transport the President to Air Force One (the helicopter can land on the White House grounds, while the jet cannot.) If he is leaving from Washington, D.C., the plane typically takes off from Andrews Air Force Base.

 Here is a pretty thorough tour of Air Force One. It was made during President Bush's administration and shows everything from the galley (kitchen) to the pilot's seat.

Try a quiz to see what you remember:
Current Air Force One

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