Monday, June 1, 2015

Getting Down to Business

What if you wanted to start your own business?

Do you think young people can't be successful at business? They can. Here are some examples:

This girl's father trims and services surfboards. She thought, all the material that's thrown out could be made into jewelry. The result:


This 11 year old young man didn't like the selection of bow ties he found, so he started his own business making and selling them; He has earned more than $30,000 and his ties sell on Etsy, at boutiques, and at Neiman-Marcus stores.

This young lady received many compliments on her hair, and she realized at age 9 that she could sell the homemade products she had been using:


Ever played a game called Elementeo? This young man invented it when he was 12.


These kids, ages 11 and 12,  wanted to earn money to buy toys and things. Their parents responded: Why don't you make your own money? Result: Sno-Kone truck--and they are the youngest food truck owners in their state:


Nobody can resist cupcakes, as this 8 year old will tell you:

Many of these young people are also giving part of their profits to various charities.

Which college degrees would help if you wanted to start your own business?

The obvious is Business Administration... But what other degrees may apply?

Who do you want to sell to? How will you sell your product or service? How would you know what the charge?
  • Marketing

What will your logo look like?

  • Graphic Design, Computer Graphics, Art - these majors are probably more useful if you specialize, i.e., have a goal of designing awesome logos

Where will you sell it? Most companies sell online. If you sell food, where would you prepare it? In the case of the sno-cone kids, they got a truck to take their business wherever they wanted. Would you need a 'store front'? Or would you sell only online?
  • Computer Programming
  • Website Design
  • Property Management
  • Public Relations
  • Communications
You might also want to study International Relations if you plan to sell world-wide or if you plan to use some of your profits to help others in developing countries

Who will manage your money? Will you have employees? What will people be paid?
  • Accounting
  • Business Law
  • Tax Law

Keep in mind also: What will happen if you either want or need some time off? Who will step in for you? Are you comfortable 'delegating'?

How will you help the business grow? Will you plan to add more products or services, or change what you offer?

Consider being an entrepreneur, whether now or once you finish college. You may find a product or service you thoroughly enjoy promoting and make money (perhaps for college tuition??) doing something you love.

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