Monday, March 9, 2015

Working With Kids

Do you find children fascinating? Do you love watching how they think, how they grow, their imagination, their active nature?

How can you use your interest in kids as a career?

Here are some professions that involve working with children:

Kindergarten or Elementary school teacher
-This would require a Bachelor of Arts in Education. You might also want to specialize in teaching Math, Science, Art, or Music, as examples, to a specific age group such as Elementary Education.

                           What an inviting place!!!

Childrens' Librarian
-You might enjoy showing children the fun of reading. A childrens' librarian can find work either in a school or in a public library. A Masters Degree in Library Science is required for these positions.

Day Care Director
-To run a daycare does not demand that you have a degree, but many who operate licensed day care centers do hold degrees in something related, such as Child Psychology, Child Development, Early Childhood Education, or Elementary Education. You would also need to be certified in First Aid and CPR and have those certifications renewed yearly. Licensed day care facilities must be checked to be sure they are safe for the children, are providing adequate care and food, are clean, and have adequate space for the number of children being cared for.

Child Psychologist
-If you would enjoy helping kids with psychological issues, you might enjoy this career. You would be required to hold a Masters, and in some cases, a PhD (doctorate) in order to practice this profession.

Speech Pathologist (Pediatric)
-Working with kids to overcome speech problems is a rewarding career. You would need to obtain your Masters degree for this career.

Attorney in Juvenile Justice
-To represent children in the legal system, you need to complete law school and pass the bar exam as any attorney does.

A physician who works exclusively with children, this requires you to earn your medical degree and your coursework to be specific to children, their diseases, their needs, as well as to work with their parents.

-Pediatric Nurse
This is an R.N. with a further certification in Pediatrics.

Two careers that may or may not require a degree are:

-If you are experienced in your sport and are interested, capable, patient, and skilled at working with kids, you'd make an excellent coach. As always, education to make you more confident and qualified is always a good idea. Some coaches are hired part time in addition to teaching.

Camp Counselor
-This also does not necessarily require a degree, just an enthusiasm and patience for working with kids.

If you think you'd like a career working with children, consider some of the above choices.

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