Monday, March 24, 2014

Save Calories, Eat Bison

Lots of people want to lose weight, but like most things, it seems that it needs to be simple in order for us to do it. Keep in mind that an average adult needs about 2000 calories, including 50 grams fat, and 200 carbs on a daily basis. This varies according to your weight and whether you are trying to drop some pounds.

Try these ideas:

Drink diet soda instead of regular-did you know a can of regular soda has 10 teaspoons of sugar? That means 54 grams of sugar and 54 carbs.
If you have skim milk instead of whole, you will save 100 calories per cup.

Use smaller plates-they will hold less but it will look like more.
Walk! Walking at a brisk pace for an hour burns 300 calories.
Did you know that your body will continue to burn calories for up to 20 hours after you are done with your exercise?
Have a frozen yogurt instead of ice cream and save 70 calories.
Eat breakfast. Obviously, it should be something other than I-Hop.
Have a meatless meal now and then.
Speaking of meats, try ground turkey instead of ground beef.
Increase the amount of whole grains and green vegetables you're eating, as well as fruits.
When you visit a fast food place, order a kid's meal to get smaller portions.
Be mindful of salt intake: ideally, we should only consume about 2400 milligrams per day. That comes to a teaspoon. A day--including all salt in all things, not just 'visible' salt or that which we shake on our food.
Usually, a food labeled 'lite' or 'low fat' is high in sugar or something else to make the food taste good. So, while it is 'lite' in terms of fat, it contains sugar that will convert into fat in the body.
Read labels on foods in containers. You may be shocked to see the amount of salt, sugar, fat, or corn syrup in so many of our foods. Try to choose items that are the lowest in those things.


We're very fond of fast food here in America...Did you know...

A Starbucks mocha latte with whipped cream has 490 calories??
Dunkin' Donuts 'reduced fat' blueberry muffin has 450 calories? They reduced the fat but increased the sugar. Remember, sugar converts to....
A Burger King Veggie Burger has 390 calories and 16 grams of fat.
Burger King Chili Cheese Fries have 530 calories and 28 grams of fat.
Burger King Chili, on the other hand, has just 190 calories and 8 grams of fat.
A Dairy Queen yogurt cone has 260 calories, only 1 gram of fat, but 56 carbs.
A piece of Papa Murphy's thin crust Pepperoni pizza has 160 calories and 9 grams of fat.
A Papa Murphy's calzone, however, has 480 calories, 23 grams of fat, and 43 carbs.
At Subway, a 6" cold cut sandwich has 415 calories, 20 grams fat, and 40 carbs.
A Subway Chicken Teriyaki sandwich has 370 calories, 5 grams of fat, and 59 carbs.
A Taco Bell Cantina Burrito has 760 calories, 27 grams of fat and....96 carbs!!
A Taco Bell Mexican Pizza has 390 calories, 25 grams of fat, and 28 carbs.

Not to leave you discouraged, Triogenius has perused some interesting calorie counters and come up with a variety of unusual foods that might tempt you, but will save you many calories. You're welcome!
  • Rhinocerous meat--you can have 3 Cups for 100 calories..... but you will feel very guilty about eating it
  • Horse-this is a little higher at 148 calories per serving. 
  • Swamp Cabbage--I have no idea what this is, but doesn't it sound disgusting?? Only 22 calories per serving..could it possibly smell worse than regular cabbage?
  • You can have a healthy helping of gizzards for only 22 calories. I think that's turkey gizzards. Also, Triogenius would like to know where the word "Gizzard" came from.
  • Tofu has 54 calories a serving. A serving is about 3/4 of a serving more than anyone can eat.
  • You can have 1/2 cup of eppaw for only 75 calories. Triogenius does not know what Eppaw is.
  • Or Feijoa?? What's that? Plain or pureed??
  • Water Buffalo has only 111 calories per serving. Is this because of a high water  content?
  • Bison, on the other hand, has 122.
  • Alligator tail is 143 calories per serving. We don't know about Alligator nose, however.
  • Great news! One ounce of fresh kelp (seaweed) is only 14 calories!!
You can find out more about nutrition by using online search engines. Let's at least start paying more attention to what we're eating, so we can be healthier. Triogenius isn't quite ready for a diet of seaweed and tofu.

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