Monday, October 28, 2013

Do You Have Your Turnip Carved Yet?

Did you know this about Halloween?
  • It's thought that the Irish were the ones to start the traditions we maintain today: Hallowmas was November 1, and All Hallow's Eve (shortened to 'Hallow Evening, or Halloween') was the night before, also called "Samhain." Someone with a fear of Halloween has 'Samhainophobia.'
  • Jack O'Lantern, as Irish legend has it, was a man named Jack who was so stingy that when he died, he couldn't go to heaven, so he was doomed to wander around with a lantern trying to steer people to the right path.
  • People originally carved turnips on Halloween.
  • Owls were once thought of as witches.
  • Orange indicates strength, Black indicates death-thus the idea of strength defeating death.
  • People thought on Halloween, spirits roamed the streets looking for victims. Thus, people began dressing up in disguises to fool the spirits.
  • It's thought that Halloween started about 4,000 years B.C. That's a lot of candy!
  • Americans are far more 'into' Halloween than other countries.

Are you looking for something to do for Halloween this year?
Let's start with the events in Anoka, The Halloween Capitol of the World: You can still do a walking tour through this week. Find details at:

And to search for Haunted Houses you can visit:

What about 'real' hauntings?
Here's a video of various haunted spots in Minnesota/with narration to read:

Check out these videos...they're creepy-good:

30 ghosts caught on tape (it's a long video but there are some creepy things here):

What about a lawn-mowing woman in a cemetery? 
OK, it might be fake....but still clever.....

Happy Halloween!!

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