Monday, July 29, 2013

What's On Your Summer Bucket List---Except Sand?

A Bucket List is a list of goals someone wants to achieve before he/she 'Kicks the bucket.' Do you have one?

What about one just for this summer? There's still some summer left---Here are some ideas:

-Learn to juggle
-Learn to write with your non-dominant hand         

-Ride a unicycle (not a Unicorn. They are in short supply).
-Ride a horse

-Take a train somewhere

-Make a firefly lantern

-No matter what people ask you, say "Yes" to everything for one day
-Play paintball

-Put a message in an empty bottle, put the cap on, and toss it in a lake, river, or the ocean; add a non-identifying email if you want the person to get in touch with you.

-Find five unusual names in your family history
-Fly a kite
-Try to catch a fish using only your hands
-Play charades
-Learn to play one song on an instrument: piano, ukulele, guitar, flute...? Ask a friend to teach you.
-Do a perfect cartwheel
-Go technology-free for 24 hours: no phone, computer, TV, video games, or DVD player
-Listen to music that was popular when your parents were teens
-See if a parent or grandparent will teach you a dance that was popular when he/she was young
-Learn something about the town you live in that you did not know before
-Volunteer to help at your old elementary school
-Stay awake for 24 hours straight

-Write a TV commercial--because the ones we see are so lame
-Make a collage with nothing but discarded items or things you already have
-Go to the dollar store and find the three 'best' things. Buy them for your friends or yourself. Budget: $3
-If you have an old and/or broken electronic item, like a phone, computer, camera, calculator: take it apart and see how it work(ed). Find out where to recycle it when you're done.
-Donate blood to the Red Cross
-Find out what district you live in for voting purposes. Who are your representatives? If you are old enough, register to vote.
-Follow the Food Pyramid for one week:

This is what we 'should' be eating each day....

-Challenge yourself to walk one mile every day. Make note of it--How long can you keep it going?
-Do something you're afraid of:  rappelling, holding a spider, diving, speaking in public, or eating sushi.
-Walk into a department store and speak a gibberish language.
-Learn a sentence in the language your ancestors spoke before they came to America.
-Try not talking for a long time: How long can you make it? An hour? A day?

I'm sure you can think of things you'd like to do, and summer's the perfect time. Have fun!

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