Monday, March 4, 2013

The Tuition Costs What?

Everyone picks a college based on individual preferences. The location of the school, what courses it is strong in, the student population, ratio of instructors to students, activities, rural or city setting, size of campus, housing, and whether the college just 'feels right' to you---all of these are important factors.

One factor everyone always needs to know is: What is the cost?

While tuition costs are available for many colleges in your immediate area, Triogenius was interested to know what it costs to attend the most expensive colleges in the U.S. Here are the figures based on 2011 tuition for one year, fulltime, and don't include housing or food/meal plans:

   Yale University           Connecticut           $40,000
   Princeton                     New Jersey             40,170
   Harvard                       Massachusetts         52,650
   Trinity College            Connecticut             53,330
   Bard College               New York                53,480
   Barnard College            New York                53,496
   New York University    New York                   53,589
   Georgetown               Washington, DC        53,591
   Johns Hopkins            Baltimore, MD          53,690
   Columbia                    New York                 53,874

And the #1 most expensive college in the U.S.:

Sarah Lawrence College   Vermont              $59,170

What about most expensive schools in Minnesota?

Bethany College                      $29,080
College of St Catherine             32,386
University of St Thomas            33,040
Concordia-St Paul                     36,000
Concordia-Moorhead                36,150
College of St Scholastica           37,222
Bethel College                           37,990
Augsburg                                   38,484
Hamline                                     40,452
College of St Benedict              43,264
Gustavus Adolphus                   44,597
Macalester                                 53,419
Carleton                                     54,180

Again, these figures are for tuition only, two semesters, and don't include room, board, or meal plan.

Interestingly, although figures are hard to track down, in 1912 tuition at Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania cost $150 and Pomona College in California cost $90.00. However, a typical yearly salary was about $200, so this was still a lot of money at the time and explains why only the wealthy could afford college.

Choose your school wisely...and enjoy it!

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