Monday, February 25, 2013

I Want To Be An Engineer---Just for the Hat

What is an engineer?

This person could be someone who drives a train...but for a short definition, an engineer is someone who uses math and science to invent things and solve problems.

If you enjoy a lot of math and science and solving problems, engineering might be a good career path for you. Through middle and high school, it's suggested that you take plenty of math and science courses, that is, more than you are required to, in addition to building design, pre-algebra, geometry, chemistry, and any courses in engineering concepts that might be offered. Challenge yourself with puzzles. You can also seek out opportunities to explore engineering when you are off school in summers and weekends. Internships can be helpful to be sure that engineering is for you.

Here are some engineering careers:

Aerospace--these engineers design spacecraft including all systems within a spacecraft. They may also design satellites.

Architectural--these engineers design buildings and the systems that help run them, such as heating and cooling, electrical, water, lighting, and safety.

Bioengineers--help find ways to prevent or cure diseases by manipulating the way cells work.

Civil--these engineers work for communities, helping to make sure the infrastructure is safe and up-to-date, making sure the community's drinking water is safe, as well as city planning and roads. Civil engineers can help plan transit systems and plan for traffic control as well.

Computer--this type of engineer may work on new programming, computer games, problem-solving, and also fraud.

Speaking of problem-solving, check out this the end, it's a commercial...but the process is what is fascinating to watch:

And what about this one involving getting an egg from one place to another: How creative would you be?

Electrical--this type of engineer designs and helps build electrical systems.

Industrial--this type of engineer would help a manufacturer find the best ways to produce a product. He or she may design a robotic device, a machine to produce a part, or a way to reduce pollution at a manufacturing plant, as examples.

Nuclear--this type of engineer makes sure that nuclear energy is safe.

Check out this video, with people working in the engineering field---it has everything from wind power, automobile design, Disney World, Hershey's, and hospital technology, to NASA. (It is a marketing video, but it will open your eyes to the many careers you could have in engineering)

Colleges in Minnesota offering engineering courses include: University of MN-Twin Cities; Winona State University; St Cloud State University, St Thomas University, and Bemidji State University. Check out what types of engineering are offered at these and other colleges by calling or visiting their websites.
If you have other questions about a career in engineering, check out this website for interviews with both working engineers and students of engineering for their words of advice:

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