Monday, October 29, 2012

Do You Need A Costume For These Courses??

With Halloween coming up, Triogenius thought it might be interesting to see what kind of odd courses you can actually take in college---for credit!

Check these out:

The Living and Undead: An Inquiry
       into Zombies in Cinema and Literature    Ole Miss
Harry Potter in Literature                                Ohio State
Elvish: The Language of Lord of the Rings      University of Wisconsin
The Vampire in Literature and Cinema        University of Wisconsin
Things that Go Bump In The Night              Hampshire College
Zombies in Popular Media               Columbia College of Chicago
Invented Languages:
              Klingon and Beyond            University of Texas-Austin
Star Trek and Religion                              University of Indiana
European Witchcraft                                    Oneona College
The Age of Piracy                                     Arizona State University
The End of the World As We Know It          Alfred University
UFOs in American Society                          Temple University

And if you're just looking for something odd..............

The Amazing World of Bubbles                    Cal Tech
Learning from YouTube                                Pitzer College
Underwater Basketweaving         Reed College (Triogenius is unsure if this was a joke)
Circus Stunts                                          Triton College
Scrabble                                               Berkeley
Tree Climbing                                          Cornell
How To Watch TV                              Montclair College
Lego Robotics                                      MIT (No surprise there)
Street Fighting Math                                 MIT
The Joy of Garbage                          Santa Clara University
 The Simpsons and Philosophy      University of California Berkeley
Introduction to Turntablism (OK, this is about being a DJ)    Oberlin

One questions the abilities of those taking.....

How To Learn Almost Anything          MIT
Getting Dressed                                  Princeton (Princeton???)
Stupidity                                             Occidental College

Just for fun: Check out the videos:

If you prefer Gangnam Style:

Happy Halloween!! Celebrate all things strange!!

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