Monday, August 20, 2012

Solve Life's Problems With Apps and Webs....Maybe..

There are plenty of apps and websites available for college or high school students-see if some of these might be helpful:


BookCircus (Free)  Sell your used books
ZohoSuite   Planner/organizer
Evernote    Note taking
RTM  (Remember the Milk)    a to-do list
Soshiku   Track your assignments
freewififinder  Quit guessing where there's a wifi hotspot
Bookfinder    Find your textbooks at the cheapest price    Free FM radio through your phone
wanderlust   Organizer, and lets you set reminders
PDF Notes Generator  (for forms and notes)
i-FinAid (This one is $1.99)Check out your options for financial aid
inClass   Keep track of your schedule and more
Allthecountries   Learn about..well...all the countries
Encalc  An advanced calculator to use on your phone
Historymaps Maps of the world, how countries have changed
Tuition.Tab  (99c)  Track how much your tuition is going to cost
Smithsonian   Not just museums, but facts, documentaries, and their TV show
itranslate   translate from one language to another
BrainTutor  Anatomy of the brain-a studying aid
gFlash&Flashcards   Make your own flashcards and share them
iQuotations   when you need a quote for a speech or project
myHomework  Homework help
gasbuddy   Best prices on gas today in your area
audioboo   records your voice or your instructor's voice
Repairpal   when your car breaks down
Guitar Tuner  Keep it tuned for all your gigs
Mygpacalculator  figure out where you're at with grades
aroundme  restaurants and pricing close to your neighborhood
yelp     also restaurants close to you

Never fear, we know not everyone has a Smartphone...Here are some good websites for college students:
(also, try the apps above with .com after the name, and you may be successful with them as well)     Track your money   Find the cheapest gas close to home   If you need a computer fixed, or if you can offer advice   simple budget plans    Did you borrow money from a friend for coffee? Keep track of that at Buxfer.   How can you spend the least money to travel?   Who sells what you want with free shipping?   Get organized   Get out the gadgets you never seem to use and see what you can do with them   This one is written by college students  Homework help     Get out of debt    free books for your Kindle, updates 3 times a day   listen to radio through your computer free (limit 40 hours a month)    coupons and deals for groceries in your area (they also have an app)   an office suite similar to and compatible with  Microsoft Office, but this is free      a reference desk online  another reference desk  download thousands of free books and audiobooks for study    reviews of colleges
Nasa.gove/audience/forstudents   NASA on Facebook-videos and information-High school and college

-And check your local library websites; they have Homework Help and plenty of reference materials

*Triogenius can't guarantee that all of the apps or webs are still up and running.

Hope you try some of these and find them helpful.

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