Monday, May 8, 2017

Top Ten Things I Wish I Had Known As A Graduate

10.  Even at your young age, being mindful of your money is smart.
-Subsection A: If you are about to start college in the fall and are looking at loans, be careful about how much money you'll owe. If you are graduating from college and staring down repayment in 6 months, you're seeing the result of the loans you have: Payments are a thing.
-Subsection B: Credit cards are usually not a good choice. Think: Is this a need or a want? The wants can add up to a big ugly debt really fast. Live simply.

9.  Although you think you're pretty busy, have an activity or two you enjoy after work hours. It may very well become your Happy Place during rough times. Plus, you'll meet cool like-minded people.

8.  Care about something: Save the whales. Work with voter registration. Be a champion for arts in the schools. In other words, be a part of your community by action, not just complaint, no matter where you land.
Subsection A: Be Kind To Other People. Everyone has a story. You would be surprised to know not only what problems others have, but also what talents they have. A smile, an encouraging word, taking those few seconds to listen, can make a difference in someone's life.

7.  Take time for yourself every day. Notice the weather. Take a walk. Listen to music. Relax. Breathe. Repeat. Appreciate your surroundings.

6.  Try something new on a regular basis. What if you actually like ska music or Cajun food? Zip-lining? Swing dancing?  Poetry? Zorbing? Never, never, stop learning.

5.  Take care of your health: Eat better than you did in high school or in college (they're called fruits and vegetables). Get a yearly checkup, even if you don't think you need it. Keep up with dental care. Get new glasses when you need them. Get some exercise (which doesn't have to take place in a gym. Just sayin').Wear a helmet when you're on a motorcycle. Don't text and drive. Wear sunscreen, because: Wrinkles and skin cancer.

4. College grads: Yes, get a job ASAP. But, do not take 'something' because it's better than 'nothing.' Make an effort to be careful in your choice of job. That is, choose a job that sounds like it's at least a little challenging, and has fun people to work with. You're going to be there 8 hours a day or more. High school or any other kind of grad: Whatever you do, do your best. Have a good work ethic, make an extra effort, be cooperative and inquisitive: You know how I am able to do this blog? I simply asked my supervisor if I could, and he agreed.

-Subsection A: Live on your own as soon as you can, and live on your own before you get married or have a partner. Find out what it's like to manage your life independently. It's a very good thing.

3.  Share your knowledge by mentoring or tutoring: think about someone who did this for you, and how much it meant to you--pay it forward. Start with just one person and see how it enriches your life as well as the other person's.

2.  Your family is not only people related to you, but your friends as well. Nurture those relationships, hang on to them with intent and ferocity , because you will not only enjoy those relationships, but will need them from time to time. Knowing you have solid connections no matter what happens, makes all the difference.

And the #1 thing to know:

Be Grateful. Your life is always full of promise, as long as you're alive. Appreciate your home, friends, family, experiences you've had and are still going to have, and the power of knowledge.


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