Monday, January 4, 2016

Microblog: Careers with Minnesota Companies: Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic, now a large hospital, began after William Mayo started his practice of medicine in 1864. His sons grew up and became physicians also, and began what is now the Mayo Clinic, which sees over 1 million patients a year from over 150 countries and all 50 states. It is known as the best hospital in the world. Some history:

We usually think of the Mayo Clinic as being in Rochester, Minnesota, which is true, but:

St Mary's Hospital is the hospital connected to the Clinic. Mayo also has locations in Florida and Arizona.

Mayo is also a health care system with clinics located throughout southern Minnesota.

Mayo offers medical and graduate school:

Here is their main website:
A virtual tour of a patient room:

Employment at Mayo covers everything from building maintenance to specialists in dozens of types of practice. Here is a link to Human Resources at Mayo:

Examples of openings currently available:
Surgical Tech
Home Health Care
Personal Care Assistant
Physician's Assistant/Nurse Practitioner
Lab Assistant
Dialysis Tech
Pharmacy Technician
Physical and Occupational Therapists
Information Technologists
RNs in many specialties, such as Cardiology, Pediatrics, Oncology, Psychiatry
Transplant Specialists

If you want to work for one of the most-admired medical systems in the world, Mayo could be your employer. Check them out!

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