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Since money is on our minds most of the time, let's consider....

In these countries, a U.S. dollar is worth:

Canada                                       97c
England                                   $1.61   (an English pound)
Countries that use the Euro     $1.36  is the value of one Euro
Chinese                                      l.16  (the Chinese Yuan)
Australia                                      .95  (Australian dollar)
Japan                                       97.05  (Japanese Yen)
Mexico                                    13.11  (Mexican Peso)
Brazil                                         2.20  (Brazilian Real)
India                                          84.4 Rupees equal $1

Canadian money
Chinese Yuan

Mexican Pesos
Brazilian Real

America, it would appear, has not yet discovered color ink.

This is who is pictured on various paper U.S. money:
      $1.00            Washington
        2.00            Jefferson
        5.00            Lincoln
       10.00           Hamilton *
       20.00           Jackson
       50.00           Grant
     100.00           Franklin  *
     500.00           McKinley
   1,000.00          Cleveland--this bill is no longer available
   5,000.00          Madison
 10,000.00          Chase  *
100,000.00         Wilson

There is no million-dollar bill.
*These people were not presidents.

Learn more about the U.S. mint at:

In Kenya, $1 American will buy you 8 cups of milk.
In Bangladesh, it will buy 1/3 of a sari (woman's garment)
South Korea         1/2 hour of computer use
England                1/2 a loaf of bread
Vienna                  one small roll
Denmark               a stamp for a postcard
Seoul, Korea         one subway ticket plus a mask for the smog

Cost of college in England, for a resident of England: About $11,600.00.
Cost of college in Canada, for a Canadian: $9,000.00
Cost of college in Australia, for an Australian: between $10,000 and $20,000 a year.
People from other countries who wish to attend college abroad will usually pay considerably more.
                                            Kings College, Cambridge, England

                                                     Australian National University

Using U.S. dollars:
In Brazil, a Honda Civic will set you back about $40,000. In Sweden, a VW Golf will cost you about $33,000 and gas runs about $9.00 a gallon, hence the number of people who do not have their own cars, and the excellent public transportation system that most people use. And they use bicycles to get where they need to go as well.

Back to the $1 discussion:
  • Steve Jobs, the creator of Microsoft, used to take a salary of $1 a year.
  • If you put $1 extra on your mortgage, it will reduce your payments by .000000000001 years.
  • $1 will buy you a quart of gas if it currently costs $4.00 a gallon
  • There are some states with houses for sale asking $1 as the lowest bid.
  • Paper money is not paper, it's made of linen and cotton
  • Most dollar bills-more than 90% of them- are contaminated with traces of cocaine
  •  $2 bill is not worth more than $2, they are not rare enough
  • A bank will replace a torn or mutilated bill as long as you have more than half of it
  • Many of the symbolic pictures on a paper bill involve the number 13:  13 stars, 13 berries, 13 stripes...indicating the original 13 colonies
  • Did you know England has something like our Dollar Stores? Locals call it (what a surprise!!) the Pound Store:

For more trivia about our money, check out:

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